HEMP: Saving America's Farmers

The demand for CBD is exploding and making farming very profitable. Our partner farms routinely receive over $100,000 per acre.

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Our Story


Our goal is to assist farmers by working hand in hand with them. We can provide everything from expert support to labor needed for harvest. We are with you every step of the way.   

Not only can growing hemp save your farm, but it is one of the hottest commodities on the market. 

Always Legal and Safe

Best Genetics and Harvesting Techniques

It starts with the soil tests. We will provide you a specific genetic strain that is custom matched to your soil.

1) Planning

Soil test results are reviewed by our agronomist. Seeds are then recommended for your climate, soil type, and history of pesticides.  Germinating the seeds should be done in April or May to a height of 6″.

2) Planting

Weed mitigation is important. We recommend plastic sheeting or a cover crop such as red clover.  Tree planters may be used in large scale applications.  We recommend seedlings 6″ or higher.

3) Male Remediation

Our seeds are feminized but some plants can hermaphrodite into males. Pulling the males prevents the plants from going to seed. We can provide expert labor for you, or provide training.

4) Harvest

Harvest time typically requires the most labor. It involves cutting the plants, drying, and hanging to achieve 6% RH.

5) Processing/Shipping

Shucking the final product into totes is the final stage.  They are then sent to one of our partner labs to be processed.  Payment is made on the biomass weight or finish product.

6) Get Paid

We pay at harvest time, in a cash for crop agreement, at market price;  OR make more money by allowing the lab to process, and sell, the isolate/distillate for you.


What Farmers are Saying

“I can’t believe it”

“After selling 200,000 lbs of biomass, our farm is profitable again”


“Profitable with great service”

“They came to us, and worked with us, to get the best possible yield”


“This saved our farm””

“I wish we did this years ago”



“I never thought it[hemp] would be this profitable”


What are the market variables?
The market varies by the Biomass, Oil Content, and Distillate/Isolate price.


Here are some key statistics:

Market price for CBD Biomass can range from $30-$60 per pound depending on oil content.

Market price for isolate/distillate can range from $5000-$9000 per kilo.

At 10%, 50 lbs of biomass produces 1 kilo of isolate/distillate.

Approximately 2,000 lbs of biomass is produced per acre

Can I use pesticides?
Pesticides can be used around hemp carefully but can NOT be used on the plants themselves. We recommend plastic or a cover crop for weed mitigation. The FDA is very strict about this.
What are the major risks?
Most mistakes happen during the planning stage by not getting the best genetics. This can lead to multiple problems such as:

– Low germination rate

– THC content too high

– Male plants because the seeds are not feminized.

We only buy seed from the best producers and guarantee results.

How do I calculate costs

Here are some rough numbers:

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